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Art 4 cause

Art 4 cause


This section is dedicated to art for causes and bring awareness and changes in society.Any form of art like painting, photography,film,fashion,music or any any other form of art which is used to address any issue and bring solution or awareness to make a better world and better tomorrow.We will feature artists from all over world who are working for such noble cause.



Nestled atop Western Ghats, the pretty hill station of Matheran is all set to get prettier. Come may 21st and the forest would echo of music and laughter. A bunch of nature lovers from all over the globe are gearing up for Matheran Green Festival. There would be workshops, music and other performances, movie screenings, flea markets, food, riot of colors, fun and frolic all around. The four day festival would see Artists, Designers, Architects, Engineers, Scientists, Activists and Environmentalists come together and share their knowledge and experience, celebrate nature and spread love and awareness about sustainable living. The dump yard which is rapidly filling up with plastics, rotten smells and swarm of fleas will be transformed into a sculpture park; sculptures being made from recycled/ up cycled waste in a way that would gradually blend with nature. The countdown to the festival saw a kick starter last weekend as artists from different parts of the country came together and made graffiti on a wall near the station. The enthusiastic team also got admiration from the passing tourists at the sunset point as they made an art installation from recycled bottles and branches collected from the forest. Less than two months away, the team is working passionately all for the love of nature. As they say a journey of thousand miles begin from a single step, the dreamers for a greener universe have set their sail.

THE AWAKENING : A solo show of Sravanthi Juluri  by Ashis Pahi

             It was a lovely afternoon when i started my exploration to find the new art gallery in the southern city of India, Hyderabad called Alliamma .It is the first of its kind gallery in that part of the city where mainly the middle and lower middle class of the city is abundantly presence. Some how i manages to find the place and i saw the welcoming board of ‘ AWAKENING ‘ . It was my first visit to the gallery and i got surprised to see a beautiful and spacious Art Gallery in the middle of common residential zone.

As i entered i found there is some vibration of energy welcoming me and the more i get inside i could able to feel those suppressed energy which want to come out of some unseen cage . I was greeted by the artist Sravanthi Juluri herself who was in between an interview with a local  newspaper. As the interview was much longer than expected, i got a chance to spend more time with each and every work. While doing so i found various characters are there , who were trying to tell me something. in some they are asking for help.In one of the painting a female character was crying with pain.

In another painting there was a sister was been killed by her brother for honor; who used to love her the most. In one painting Sravanthi has shown how today’s women are used as an object and how the cosmetic company plays a big role in it and how the show business is all about sailing the women as an object. Be it film, corporate sector,service sector or any other. The artists has expressed her anguish very boldly and strongly about the present rape victims of various parts of India, especially the Delhi the national capital of rape. She have used real elements like ‘dupatta’, ‘bangles’ which are symbolic icons.

In one of her paintings she has addressed the issue of men saying women are the cause of rape , as they are provoking the men with their wrong dressing sense. She has expressed very intelligently showing three different women in one canvas three from different age and different backdrop and asked the men dominated society a strong question, ‘ am i provoking you?’ The artists also have shown how she had gone through in her own life in one of her paintings where she has shown a pregnant woman is being beaten by her husband.

Sravanthi not only shown the oppression by the men  but also shown the way to the women, how to tackle it. She has depicted herself to be like GODDESS KALI and to fight against all odds for justice.She had given a strong message to be strong enough as a woman when there is a need. The Exhibition was very much loved by all sections of the society. most importantly the weaker sections of the society where there is much oppression against the women and it does not get noticed.

The women thoroughly enjoyed the show and they had a great time with the artists sharing their own experiences and some of them were into tears.

             The Paintings are mainly very bold and sensitive and they reflects the pain of the women of our society. The colors are mix of brightness and dullness which shows the two sides of women. In one hand we celebrate the beauty, delicacy, caring, love of women and on the other hand we do make the life miserable of the same woman.

We ignore the pain, the sacrifice of the same woman who gave birth to man. The artist have asked a big question to all the men of the society as well as awakening the women to be sensitive towards this social disease which is spreading in an alarming speed. Our society is becoming insensitive and its so ugly world we are living in.


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