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Dhoom 3 : A critical analysis by Ahwaan Padhee

Dhoom 3 : A critical analysis by Ahwaan Padhee

DHOM3 AAfter watching Dhoom 3, I realized that it serves as a classic example of how glossy packaging can conceal a hollow product made out of puerile writing and hackneyed screenplay.This being the most-hyped offering from the country’s top illustrious banner, YRF Films coupled with the perfectionist Aamir Khan playing the anti-hero and the super-success that the previous two films of this franchise enjoyed, had generated humongous hysteria and euphoria.
Although aggressively marketed and strategically promoted, Dhoom 3 fell so short of my expectations that it almost gave me a migraine attack.

It’s surprising that Victor(Director Vijay Krishna Acharya,Tashan fame) who wrote Dhoom 1 and 2 offers us such a wafer-thin plot with hardly any depth but can defy any logic or law of physics. Sahir(Aamir Khan)a genius magician and owner of the Great Indian Circus based out of Chicago, avenges his father’s suicide(Jackie Shroff) by robbing a Bank multiple times which he holds responsible for that tragic incident.The Bank finds the Chicago police so lame that they summon the Indian cop Jai(Abhishek Bachchan) and his aide Ali(Uday Chopra)to hunt down the master thief ! Now let me go straight to the pluses and minuses of the flick.

What works :

1.Competent Choreography : Katrina’s svelte dance moves in the ‘Kamli’ song was something to watch out for. The grace with which she does a unconventional striptease is really commendable and the rope-gymnastics with Aamir are superbly coordinated. Very well-articulated and gels with the impressive soundtracks.

 2.Blazing Cinematography : Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography is top-notch and captures the Windy City in its full glory – the prolific capture of the sprawling skyscrapers, the bike chases and the stunts truly boast of international standards.

3.Aamir Khan : With a competent performance, he carries the whole film on his shoulders.His character is written so overpoweringly that it shadows the rest of the star-cast. While.While the camera unabashedly focuses on his torso and abs, Aamir appears too serious in most of the scenes with a scowl face and furrowed brow.Nevertheless,he gives the emotional impetus to this sloppily-sketched drama.

 What doesn’t :

1.No knack for details :Victor becomes so indulgent with the technical wizardry that he miserably fails to delve into any details. Picture this: Not a single robbery execution is presented before us and all that we get to see are uncountable dollar notes showered from top onto the crowd after every robbery.

 2.Funny names : Ridiculous names like ‘Chup Chap Charlie’ and ‘Happy Burger’ put in the plot,robs it off its seriousness.

 3.Amateurish writing : Chicago police and SWAT team are reduced to a bunch of buffoons – they dont even fire a single bullet at the thief when he is regaling on his superbike.The action sequences are so gravity-defying that they can put any south-Indian flick into shame.The chases don’t evoke any nail-biting urgency – neither do they offer any ‘Chal Dhanno’ type thrill nor drum up any ‘Ruk Jao Vijay’ type excitement.Well, the loopholes are many.

 4.Rest of the starcast : The franchise fixtures – Jai and Ali appear clueless and hapless all throughout. While Jr. B frowns in most of the scenes, Chopra Junior transports himself into Kamasutrafantasy world  every time he encounters any firang babe. Equally sickening are his PJs!Kat probably has got lesser screen-time than Aamir’s super bikes!

 While the high-decibel bike roars have the potential to blast your eardrums, it surely can give you a terrible headache.

Stay away from this Dhoom !

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