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Don Barnes : Abstract Landscape

Don Barnes : Abstract Landscape

Don Barnes : Lives and works in Denver, Colorado, US

Don Barnes

Don Barnes was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has also lived in Kansas City, Los Angeles, Dallas and Denver.His friendship with gallery owners has allowed Don to study the works of Rob Moore, Hollis Williford, Julie Chapman, and other contemporary artists. He has spent much time examining the works and styles of John F. Carlson, Vance Kirkland, Sven Birger Sandzen, Peppino Mangravite and many other past masters. As a member of the Denver Art Museum, Don is able to study works of artists from many time periods, countries and genres. His first show was in 2005 and sold seven of fifteen paintings. Since then, he has shown work at museums and galleries in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Wyoming. He was invited to participate three times in the prestigious Nomadas del Arté. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Don’s work was accepted into Taos Art Museum’s exhibition, “Russian Night In Taos”. All of the paintings were sold. With the addition of a private studio to his home in Colorado, Don is now free to work at his leisure. This allows him to keep several pieces in process at the same time. The result, of course, is both higher quality and greater production.
From childhood Don has been creative. Whether painting, drawing, writing, playing music or singing, he simply creates something. What inspires him is Beauty. He try to find it in everything. He simply represents what he sees in the world. It may be shadows on snow or the turn of a hand with scissors. For painting, he uses knives, almost exclusively. He likes that every stroke is clean and that he employs techniques not available with brushes. The specialty about his product is, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, re-using the leavings of other woodworking processes.It speaks about Don’s love for nature and environment. He wants the viewer to walk away thinking about his work. If you glance at one of his paintings, you’ll miss ninety percent of it. Stand and gaze at it for a bit. Then you will really see it.

Mountain Light 1 8x10 oil on pannel
Title:Mountain Light : oil on panel : 1 8×10

mountain light2 16x12
Title: Mountain light 2: Oil on panel: 16×12

cherry creek light 8x10
Title: Cherry creek light : Oil on Panel: 8×10


sunrise ridge 16x20
Title: Sunrise ridge Oil on Panel: 16×20


Patron's Flowers 12x16 oil on canvas
Title:Patron’s Flowers :oil on canvas: 12×16


Morning on the Mesa
Title: Morning on the Mesa Topknot : oil on canvas

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