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Emerzing Stars

The creative personalities who had established themselves in the field of creativity like FILM, ART, FASHION, ACTING, MUSIC, DANCING, MODELING, ARCHITECTURE, EVENT, SOCIAL WORK, etc. are interviewed in this section. This is an attempt to know them as person, know their struggle and success and their point of view about the field they are into.It is to help the emerging and upcoming talents to get inspiration from these stars and to help them get connected with them in future.



Madhulagna DasActor : India

madhu1Brief Information:

I am Madhulagna Das , Born on the 8th of Sep, 1990 in Rourkela , Odisha. My parents, Mr. Kulamani Das & Mrs. Suprava Das guided me to acquire a MBA in Tourism & Diploma in Event Management. A successive journey of a young bright student.

From childhood I had a big crush and interest in dancing, acting and modelling. I had successfully prepared, learnt and appreciated in different stages of life.

How you started and what inspired you?

My family holds the key of my Inspiration and my path of learning. My father always stood by me in the success and failure which is the biggest motivation of my life.

I started from a reality show in Local Telugu Chanel – “LUX Dream Girl” Then got a change in Aziz Naser’s SIYAAH as 2nd lead, which is based on a true event.  This movie got released all over India and my acting got appreciated .
Do you have any support form film industry?
Believe in self is my biggest support in this industry.


The films you have worked so far and the best moment till date.
SIYAAH (Hindi), MR RAWDY (Telugu) await for release on Jan 6th. Best Moment – Appreciation of hard work always is the best moment for a struggling actor. I remember my first take in Mr.Rawdy – which is a Telugu movie, but everybody clapped after my dialogue completed in 1 take as I don’t know the language much.
Do you think casting couch is still exists ?
Yes, good and bad is two part of any business so people face challenges the way they come to them. So trusting in self and confidence will avoid all the hassle.
Which are the upcoming films or projects you are working?
Mr RAWDY & Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam are 2 Telugu movies to be released and 1 untitled Hindi project in hand .
What are the challenges you are facing?
Success never comes with out challenges. And struggling is the name of Fame. So can’t really count the challenges currently I am facing, but I am confident enough to overcome every bit of it to fulfill my childhood dream. Which i have seen standing in front of a mirror.


If you get a chance to bring changes in the industry what will be it and how?
I am just a new flyer in the big sky… let me first fly freely to think about changes in the industry.
What is your mantra for surpassing clients expectation each time?
“Be what I am and handle the situation the way it comes to me” is the mantra which I learnt from my family.
What is your dream projects ?
I want to work in a single women oriented reality movie with Mr Madhur Bhandarkar.
Do you think as an artist you should contribute to the society and if yes how?
Yes, I should. Working in learning and awareness characters, Child Movies to develop social awareness will be a really great contribution to society .



Yamini Sharma : Radio Jokey and a writer

Brief Information:


Yamini Sharma is a well known name if you are in the center of Bollywood, Mumbai and if you love FM Radio. She has worked in almost all the famous FM radios of the country like Radio City, Big FM, Radio One, Oye FM . She is a Radio announcer whose voice is an addiction for the people of Mumbai, the city having population of more than 2 billion. Before she followed her passion of music and became a famous name in FM Radio she was a producer in famous channels like CNBC and TV TODAY. She is a believer, driven by the force of music and passion and in non philosophical terms a girl next door from a small town like Aurangabad earning her life in entertainment capital of India, Mumbai as a radio jockey and a writer. She is also a trained classical singer.

How did you start and what inspired you?

I believe all the things revolving around have a lot to inspire us. My dreams and determination brought me to out of Aurangabad to Pune for my post graduation in Mass Communication. There I got more clarity about what I wanted and where I had to head in the vast media field. I specialized in media management, tv and film making. Worked with a leading national news channel as an anchor and producer, but the passion for music and fate led me to the mad mad world of radio. Music and my passion to connect with people would be the inspiration behind me choosing radio as a career six years ago.


How do you connect with people with your voice?

I think its more about connecting with the thought and emotions than the voice. Thing that comes from heart certainly has its way to other.

The best achievement till date:

To zero down one would be really unfair to many small milestones I’ve reached. My job gives me opportunities to interview many A listers in Bollywood, hosting prestigious press events with them.  One of my prized will always remain when I got to interview the ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali Saab and host a press conference for him. Also I feel very lucky to be able to host small events on and off air for NGOs Working for underprivileged kids – to do my bit and to be able spread awareness certainly would be counted as an achievement.

What is your dream project?

My dream project is the Audio Book that I am working on currently, wherein I will recite the poems written by me. Audio book certainly is a next level for the book lovers in this fast paced life, as you can get this book in the form of a ‘CD’ and hear it by the author himself. Through this audio book, I think I can reach a larger number of people on a personal level and achieve the philosophical connect which will be the beginning of everlasting relationship through art.


How was your first experience when you came to Mumbai from a small town?

Oh! This city certainly tests you, are you really passionate or just got inspired by some Bollywood flick and reached Mumbai for fun? Thankfully my passion brought me here, and I knew the fame I desired ticket to that was hard work and determination. Mumbai did test me, but was kind enough to reward me with what I deserved. I can sum up my experience so far in Mumbai in two words “passionate affair”!

Do you feel safe as a woman in Mumbai? If Yes, please share one incident which you came across which makes you believe the city is safe.

Yes, Mumbai is certainly safe, provided one should not be foolish enough to take a 3am walk on a deserted beach!!! Jokes apart, there is an incident in my life which underlines the fact that Mumbai police is efficient and quick: one weekday night around 10pm me and two of my girls were walking in my building lane to a chemist shop and from there we were heading to a next door restaurant for dinner. A drunk man came from no where and started talking ill things walking parallel to us, at that very moment my friend called on 100, police helpline to complain about the drunkard abusing women on the street. In a minutes time we were seated in the restaurant . By the time we reached for our menu, we got a call from on duty police officers who were already in the lane where we encountered the drunkard!! In the mere span of 6 to 7 mins police caught the drunkard and checked on our safety too. That evening we celebrated the women safety. Help is always round the corner, all you got to do is ask!

What are the difficult challenges you are facing?

If you will be in a position to bring change in industry, what is that and how?

What is your Mantra to reach public?

Follow the heart and be honest.


What is your advice to the new comers?

Be honest and never give up. There will be times when you will be asked to changed yourself or be like someone else, that is the time my friend you should stand by yourself and create a brand named “you”!! Why be like someone else when that other one already exists, be true – be you!!

Do you think as a creative person you have duty and responsibility towards society?

If yes, would you like to associate yourself to the social cause by any form of Art?

As I mentioned earlier I try and bring light on as many NGOs I can through my show. Where i can inspire more and more people to associate with these organizations and make the difference.




Brief Information:

Miss Deepika.T hails from a family musicians and music lovers. She started learning classical music from the tender age of 8. She also sings Carnatic and Hindustani Classical, Bollywood songs and English pop songs. Deepika has completed her engineering in Electronics and Communication and balancing her career and passion in a great way. She is a talented individual who has showed her talents by various national and state label awards from singing to riffle shooting from her child hood days till now. She had performed in All India Radio and Doordarshan the national TV Channel of India. She is a working IT professional in the IT capital of World, Bangalore and also takes time out for social cause. Recently she gave her sweet voice for the Haiti earth quake victims, in the English album called ‘Haiti we are there for you’. She has been nominated for Asia’s Women of the year award in 2011, and winner of National Award for Social Justice and Citizen Action, ‘Karmaveer Puraskaar’.Her latest album is Tanha Tanha’ By Rajashree music, Sony BMG .

How you started and what inspired you?

I started learning music from the age of 8. My mother is my inspiration my 1st Guru who introduced me to the world of Music.  And from then I developed an interest in music . I have been trained in Carnatic and Hindustani Classical Music.

The best achievement till date and few words about it:

I think winning Karmaveer Puraskaar ( KVP) – National award for Social justice &Citizen Action. Under the category : Artistes 4 Change KVP- Singer. Am happy to receive this award as its unique and because of the work I have been doing such as charity shows and with the help of music am trying to bring a change in the society spreading Peace and wisdom.

and my  2nd achievement is National medal for Riffle shooting has been one of the best achievement so far of mine because it has taught me to lead a courageous Life.


What is your dream project?

My English album “Haiti we are there for you” because this was done to raise awareness to help the Haiti children after the earth quake.

There are many such projects that I want to be involved in the future, which could help the society in any which ways.

How you manage to manage your time to do so many things, singing, working in an IT sector and social work?

I always wanted to be an Engineer because I loved Science as a Subject as a Kid, Music has just helped me to increase my concentration. It has never interfered in my academics.

And about Social work, I think every human being must contribute something to the society. Because we also receive help and we must also give it be back , I am just doing my Bit in whatever ways I Can.


If you will be in a position to bring change in industry, what is that and how?

Let the Talented and Righteous people always Win. That is the change I want to bring. Let the deserving get more Opportunities.

Have you ever found any difficulties being a female?

Yes I did. Since it’s a Male dominated industry, Women are still treated as object of desire and its difficult to prove your Talents. But I think every experience makes you wiser and you will develop enough skills to handle people.

What you want to tell about what is happening in India against the women? Would you like to take active role in bringing change in society in this regard?

I have always fought for any kind of injustice, I can never tolerate any women to be treated badly. I think the Govt alone cannot do much. It’s the responsibility of every individual to fight against any kind of Injustice. There is a saying right “The world is suffering not much from the Violence of bad people, but rather the Silence of Good People” . I firmly believe in the Quote and Follow it.

I would take active role where ever given opportunity to raise the women and Help them rediscover their Courage. I have been nominating under privileged girls to rai foundation for Free Bachelor degree Education. I am involved in many such causes.


What is your secrete strategy to win the hearts of public?

I just be Myself and believe in “Simple Living and High thinking”. The more humble, down to earth you are the more hearts you can Win. Its important be Real and show your authentic self to people who want to know you.

Who is your favourite singer and what you like in her/him?

Lata Mangeshkar and Bombay Jayashree , They r really gifted musicians  and when I listen to them I connect to God very well .

What is your advice to the new comers?

Its very important  to know your True purpose of Life, Just because some one is famous in that particular  field , we must never walk that path in an illusion that our life will be the same.Try to discover what god has brought you and made you so Unique.

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