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Jackie Lima Unplugged : by Ashis Pahi

Jackie Lima Unplugged : by Ashis Pahi

We all have seen paintings on a plain surface, but very rare artists have worked on a Spherical Surface . At present their number is not more than 15 in whole world. So Jackie is one of those rare artists and she is from Easton, USA . Jackie is one of the most talented and  determined artist of New York who do not bent with time and she continues in her style and subject from last  37 Years ireespective of many obstacles and challenges. She is one of those artists who do not paint to make money but to satisfy the inner kick. She  goes to the spot and spends  lots and lots of time feeling, observing and working on the subject and interacting with the people around her subject  and her paintings carries a lot of stories and incidents while in making.

Many of the New Yorkers must have see n her busy painting on the Brooklyn Bridge and some must have seen her painting in the middle of the view point of Naigra falls. Her works are mix of mathematics, geometry, art, history, culture and interaction.  Ashis Pahi talks to her to know more about her. 

Some of the works of Jackie Lima :

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