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Megan Vigil: Hair Stylist and make up artist

Megan Vigil: Hair Stylist and make up artist

Megan Vigil: Hair Stylist and make up artist :Los Angeles

Brief Information: I began my career in 2003 after receiving my California State Board Aesthetician’s License in order to perform eyebrow shaping and gain more knowledge about the skin. Most people get these licenses to be able to perform facials. I knew, however, that I was going to apprentice the great Eugenia Weston. She had been Bette Midler’s personal makeup artist for over 25 years. I met her and said, “I’m going to work for you soon”. And that’s exactly what I did. She taught me everything that I know about eyebrows and makeup. I studied hair styling and have gone through two special effects internships. I want to know as many sides of the makeup industry as I can.

Role: I am a makeup artist who does makeup for weddings, films, stage shows, music videos, commercials, web series, classes, art shows. Whatever someone would need makeup for. I was once paid to make a man look like he had been in a fight for his driver’s license photo.

Importance in Industry: I am on the cusp of finding my nitch. Currently I work for many music videos and comedy projects.

How you started and what inspired you? Both of my parents inspired me through makeup. My mother is an expert chameleon, she’s always had hair pieces and trying new looks. My father was an amateur special effects artist. He would change his loving children into demons and victims of horrible circumstances with the flick of a brush.

Transformation, the art of telling a story with a face, and the ability to create any character you want, are by far the lure of makeup for me.

The best achievement till date: I once worked with an all Italian film crew on a film called “House Of The Flesh Mannequins” for three weeks in Boyle Heights. I had just moved to Downtown Los Angeles. I fell in love with all of them and we became close friends. A month later I was invited to do the makeup and hair on a six week shoot in Italy with them. It was amazing to travel for the first time to another country to be with people that I liked so much and to do makeup for my second feature length film.

What is your dream project?

I love working in fashion. My dream is to work for a large fashion magazine, doing makeup or writing about beauty. I’d have to travel all over the world. I want to work with more musicians traveling on tour. My favorite thing is working in amazing locations. I dream of working on an epic film such as “The Lord Of The Rings”. I want to work for Saturday Night Live and I want to design looks for live shows and musicals such as “The Lion King”. I think about these things constantly.

What are the difficult challenges you are facing? I would like to see more work coming my way more often. When the phone isn’t ringing, you are more open to doubt. I have to remain in an abundant frame of mind when I’m not working as much. I have to know that more work is coming an that the bills will be paid on time.

 If you will be in a position to bring change in industry, what is that and how?

I’d like to figure out better ways to make products healthier and more beneficial to our skin and to our environment. I like seeing things with innovative packaging or ingredients that are more organic.

What is your secrete strategy to satisfy client? Give everything you can at all times. Be right where you need to be to help at a moment’s notice. This works in other aspects of life as well.

Keep learning all the time. Be knowledgeable about your craft so that you offer the best for the best price.

What is your advice to the new comers?

Apprentice, go on youtube, and learn as much as you can as long as you can. If you don’t know how to do something, apply for the job, figure out how to do it and fake it until you make it. Trust that you are smart enough and creative enough to do great work!

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