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Frames of India


Frames Of  India is an attempt to create awareness among  photographers  about  ‘photography is an art form. The  initiative is the brain child of Kalanirvana International  Art Center, India . Till 2010 Photography was not taken seriously as an art form. Not many galleries in India would like to organise an photography exhibition unlike painting. The reason is very clear; photography have no takers in India. If some one buy also ; the value not so attractive price.

The main reason is, photographers themselves have not taken photography as an art form. The art lovers are also not aware of the fact that photography is also an art form like any other. Frames of India started the initiative of organising serious Photography and Photography as an art form by doing regular Photography exhibitions of National basis; called ‘Frames of India'(FOI). Each time FOI select the best of the photographers from India in terms of concept, style and composition. In this section we will highlight those photographers who have been selected to the national exhibition : FRAMES OF INDIA .



Camera Details:
Brand: Canon, Nikon
Model Name: Canon 550D, Nikon D40
Lens: Canon18-135mm IS + 50mm, Nikon 18-55mm
Personal Information Details:
Key Strength: Travel photography
City:  Chennai (Present) & Pondicherry (Native)
Your Interest: Travel, Photography and Movies
Nationality: Indian
Work experience:
Kalanidhi is an IT professional working for a reputed medical based company in Chennai for the past 7 years.Photography started as a hobby when he used to hang out with friends. He like to travel. His photographic inspiration comes from his friends:Rajarajan, Subash Chandran and Vijay Venkatesh. Bought his first camera (Nikon D40) in 2008. After joining the photography group called Chennai Weekend Clickers in August 2009, hobby became passion (slow and steady) and it has now become a part of his life. He got selected in frames of India in 2013.His works are mostly about depicting the essence of India and the streets and people.

Kodaikanal Morning    Aperture – f/8    Shutter speed – 1/320   ISO – 100
Camera – Canon 550D    Lens – 18-135mm IS    Focal length – 75mm
 Hero, Heroine   Aperture – f/8  Shutter speed – 1/250    ISO – 200
Camera – Canon 550D   Lens – 18-135mm IS   Focal length – 44mm
Construction worker
Title: Construction Worker   Aperture – f/8   Shutter speed – 1/800   ISO – 200
Camera – Canon 550D    Lens – 18-135mm IS   Focal length – 135mm
Little Angel
Little Girl   Aperture – f/3.5  Shutter speed – 1/30   ISO – 200

Camera – Nikon D40   Lens – 18-55mm IS   Focal length – 18mm
Th dive
Title: The Dive   Aperture – f/8  Shutter speed – 1/500   ISO – 200
Camera – Nikon D40   Lens – 18-55mm IS   Focal length – 18mm
To and fro
  To and Fro  Aperture – f/8   Shutter speed – 1/640    ISO – 200
Camera – Canon 550D   Lens – 18-135mm IS   Focal length – 20mm

Unity in Diversity
  Unity in Diversity  Aperture – f/8   Shutter speed – 1/1000   ISO – 200
Camera – Canon 550D   Lens – 18-135mm IS   Focal length – 42mm


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