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Brief Information: Surabhi Prabhu is a Mumbai based mesmerizing Model turned Actress. She has been well known and well accepted Model having endorsed Several prestigious brands in the national as well as international circuit. Surabhi is pretty much a bit of everything but when you add it all up, it equates to one thing;a hot brunette beauty, trained actress, trained dancer and sensational model. Surabhi, the curvaceous brunette who stands a statuesque 5ft 7″. Blessed with a natural toned, curvy physique that Indian women are adored for , Surabhi makes every shoot a fine work of art. she has been model for brands in several other National and international brands. Now she is making big waves in South too.

How you started and what inspired you?  I started as a designer , I had my own fashion store and I won a local beauty pageant, ‘Miss Gujarat’ and then there was no looking back.

What is your biggest strength? The biggest strength and  biggest weakness is my family.

The best achievement till date: I don’t think I have achieved much , maybe very soon I can answer this .

What is the present projects you are working on? I am a model and I keep shooting for something or the other . I am waiting for my Tamil song to release next month . I am sure it’s gonna be a super hit. Its from my upcoming Tamil film,  “kadvul paathi murgam paathi“.

DSC_0127 copy

How difficult or easy it was for you when you started your journey for modelling? Is your family supportive or not? It was not easy to convince my family initially.  But today sometimes I give up but my family stands like a strong pillar with me.

What are the challenges you are facing? I have done more of modelling than acting. Acting I’m still exploring my own acting and dancing abilities . So here I would like to speak on behalf of all the models. There is no association or authoritative body for models where they can go and say. Lack of this makes it easy for exploiters. Anybody who gets 2-3 pictures done calls themselves model. Foreign models have taken away our market . Indian models have very little and limited work left for them . Whether it is runway or print shoot or tv, Indians prefer white skin . In this competitive market I feel completely blessed that I m doing good for myself . But if there would be an authorized body then this field would be more organised .

Who is your role model? This is no secret. All my near dear ones know I’m big fan of Aishwarya Rai Bachan & Angelina Jolie.

What is the best compliment you have got till date? Being in the showbiz, compliment I keep getting for all my pictures and all my looks. And each time I blush as I still haven’t learned how to accept, how to react when I get a compliment. Best compliment was from a very big filmmaker that I look like Sofia Lauren in some pictures. Awww she is “the beauty” and I don’t think I look like her.. She is way too pretty. But just the thought makes me happy.


What is your dream project you want to work or with some one? – My dream project would be to endorse international reputed lifestyle brands and be their exclusive model. My dream project as an actress would be to work with Mani Ratnam. I don’t mind becoming one tree in the background in his project. I admire this talented film maker.

What will you do if you will be made the prime minister of India? – I think if I become prime minister ( if in my capacity ) I would end Democracy and bring Monarchy . Enough of the government by the people, for the people, through the people . We have tried Democracy for 66 years. Now I think India needs Monarchy – Queen’s rule. Inflation corruption can be dealt only this way. I know I have made a very bold controversial statement but I don’t want to become India’s prime minister as I see India’s current prime minister is deaf blind dumb and mute. He is powerless. This statement is my anger towards government.


Would you like to work to bring change in society for charity with us in future?
If yes what you want to in particular?
Yeah I would definitely want to work for less fortunate people . I am currently doing whatever little I can do as per my capacity. I am doing it for Sneha Sadan , orphanage for kids . I try to go there every weekend or whenever I’m free . I try to raise funds for the institute. I always inspire my friends to celebrate their important days with these kids and provide them  At least one time meal .
But in future I would like to do something for senior citizens. I feel blind, handicap or orphanage still get funds easily. But senior citizens always go neglected. I would like to do something for these neglected people. Even in very rich and privileged class society the senior citizens many times are neglected. They die in loneliness. My dream is to make an old age home for these lonely souls so that they can live their last days with dignity,love and respect.

What is your advice for the young models and actors? Not necessarily every talented person reached the top but hard work never goes unnoticed. Success is an accident which happens to only hardworking people. When you see star kids getting instant success, don’t make this excuse for your failure as you don’t know what hurdles they crossed to be on the top . Rather use them as inspiration that kids born with silver spoons worked so hard , they could have easily sit and enjoyed the legacy which was gifted to them but they choose to run in the race .

Most difficult question to answer . As a kid whenever i was asked whom do I love more; papa or mummy . I just still freeze with this question because people don’t know this that my mother’s real sister adopted me . So I have papa – mummy , daddy – mom . I love all four of them equally . Ya momentarily my loyalties do change who ever pampers me more he he ..  But then all 4 are extremely close to me .

Are you single ? My answer depends on who wants to know 😉

Favorite cuisine : I prefer home cooked anything in vegetarian . But I relish Thai,Chinese n south Indian dishes as well .


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