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The Nest in a Gallery : Simon Payton by Rewa Walia

The Nest in a Gallery : Simon Payton by Rewa Walia

The Nest in a Gallery by Rewa Walia

Chaos after midnight
Chaos after midnight   : Medium: Acrylic on linen : Size: 183cm x 122cm

A nest of emotions greet you as you step into the world of a Simon Payton Art. Tiny, protective; swirling colour mingles with one another, as though covering a secret. Even though the symbols are hard to resist, it is in ‘what’s beneath’ that makes your mind ‘tick.’ Endless possibilities perhaps? We want to peek deeper into the moment when Simon let go of his inhibitions and performed for the sake of his art.

The work that caught my attention was “Best Foot Forward”. A surprise to me that a work of art that seems to have frozen in time has a title indicating its movement. What lets me down is the deliberate scribbles on canvas which defeat the purpose of free expression, a place where Simon is finding solace, however it adds to the playful nature of the style of his series giving me some relief. I then, resist all temptation to delve into the seriousness behind Simon’s motives as I am faced with the Noughts and Crosses game. I leave with a lasting image of a surface with deep connections, something to perhaps contemplate in a quiet space within my own layers of the mind.

I dont know where you are going but I sure am liking it  : Medium: acrylic on canvas   : Size: 122cm x 122cm



You are my strength and my direction   :  Medium: acrylic on canvas  : Size: 122cm x 122cm

Simon Payton’s “Noughts and Crosses” is on display from 17th March – 18th April, at the Exhibitions Gallery in New Market, Auckland. For more information on the show visit

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