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Vhilo H Persson : New Style

Vhilo H Persson : New Style

Vhilo H Persson : Born,1972 In Sweden  

Vhilo H

A self taught artist Vhilo Persson has lived a strange, hard life. He started to paint his first painting ever in oil after an accident in 1997. But he was still struggling with himself and against drinking that he had done like his whole life. After being homeless for second time and living outside for almost 2 years and more he quit to drink in the summer of 2003 for which he is very about that today. He Decided and choose art  in place of drinking. He started painting and he became so much involved that everything he got and whatever he do today is cause of Art. He dedicated his life to his art that helps him to save himself. He has shown his work in exhibitions around Sweden and in the United States. He had 3 cancer operations and the last one was deadly which cut of his shoulder blade,so with a little help from his other arm he can paint . He like to paint big.His works have a lot of details which depicts his hardwork, determination and patience. The colors are very bright which show his celebration of life.His positive approach towards life can be felt from his works so strongly.He put a lot of his humor in his works t. He paint memories,things that happen  in his life and some times subject of today. He says: “Art Saved My Life And If I don’t paint I die,is That Simple”

Title: Red Bandits And The Serch For The Holy Smile.Acrylic  On Canvas 2012 Size 144×99 cm

Title:Night Stalkers Acrylic 2013 Size.24x30cm

Title:Play It Cool Act A Fool.Acrylic 2013 Size.30x40cm

Title: 1Cheesy Compliments Acrylic 2013 Size.150×90 cm

Title: The Mighty Delirium (Thrill Of A Lifetime).Acrylic 2012 Size. 265×129 cm

Title:One Big Snuffle Huffer Trying To Ski On Black Sticks But There Is A Yellow Ghost In The Way.Acrylic 2012 On Canvas Size.128x135cm

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